Thursday, 10 June 2010

Love Love Love

I am head over heels, swept off my feet, indisputably in love. All the failed relationships and heartache I've experienced doesn't even phase me any longer. We listen to each other and communicate so well and already share such a great bond. It's only been 3 weeks. I know, I know some people may roll their eyes but I don't care.

He is kind, funny, knowledgable, generous, and on top of it all very very sexy. We met at a party, he told me he couldn't take his eyes off of me the instant he saw me. He approached me and made intense eye contact. It was kind of intimidating but he was so hot that even though I was blushing I couldn't avoid his gaze. He's Korean and doesn't speak much English but it's not much of a problem because I'm about 90% fluent in Korean.

Gosh I can't even begin to describe how much I love him. His name is Woo Choon. I even love his name. He's 28, three years older than me which I think is just right. Although I think I am a bit more mature than him. But he's definitely far from juvenile, but a bit of a jokester which can be a little irritating and exhausting at times. I told him I'm a little more on the serious side and he needs to cut it out and he listened. Who says you can't change a man? If he really loves you he will do anything for you. I even asked him if he would wax his armpits because I hate armpit hair on women AND men. I was hesitant to ask because in Korea theyre super conservative about men shaving/waxing their body. It's has a lot to do with obtaining their masculinity. But surprise surprise, my boyfriend said he was up for it if I really wanted him to. Some may say he's whipped but I listen to him and am changing for him as well. I cut down on smoking and started working out again. I do yoga or swim laps every day now. He also doesn't like me to drink when he's not around. So unless it's a person's birthday and it's not really a situation where he can/should come, I don't drink.

We always laugh and smile at each other. When he tries my patience I make the effort not to raise my voice and calmly tell him the reasoning behind why I'm worried/angry because of his actions. He's way more mellow than me. I'm very emotional. We're disgustingly sweet to each other and when we answer the phone we always greet each other with "honey or baby" the instant we pick up. I became part of the type of couple that made me want to puke. He told me that I'm the prettiest, smartest, and understanding girlfriend he's ever had and thinks I'm the most wonderful woman in the world. I feel like a queen when I'm with him. I've always wanted a boob job but he told me that my breasts are perfect just the way they are. Needless to say the sex is amazing. He's tender yet strong at the same time. It's the first time I feel like I'm actually "making love" to someone.

We've even discussed future plans. Marriage came up, and even the topic of where we would want to send our children to school. They'd be born in the U.S. and raised in Korea and attend private international school. So their education would be in English and they would go to Korean language school so they know how to read and write Korean. University will definitely be Ivy League or Stanford or M.I.T. My boyfriend is a stock broker, but doesn't make a fortune at the moment. He told within 2 years he can make at least $200K a year and it'll only go up from there. So I have assurance that we can live comfortably. I don't have to live the lifestyle of a rockstar, I don't mind living semi-modestly as long as my children's education is fruitful and I have my man by my side.

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