Saturday, 1 May 2010

Over Budget and Broke

so i met with the decorator today. im doing the walls completely different from my first concept which was the chandelier motif. im doing one wall a texturized dark snake skin, and the rest a concret brick wall. the floors will have a concrete feel too. the downside, i went to the decorator by myself and i got carried away. all of this is going to cost ALOT of money. way over budget. i havent told him of my plans but im cooking up a plan to try to persuade him. but i hope my dad doesnt refuse. i mean i am moving to a much smaller place and downsizing in a lot of ways. and the wallpaper in my current place is hideous it puts me in a bad mood. i feel like if i live in a space that i love it'll make such a difference. i cant wait to put up art, in particular the marilyn monroe warhol print. it'll go perfect on the brick print.

love this dress.

i want to swaddle in a coat like this. the weather in korea is so unpredictable right now.

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