Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Leisure and Desirables

i love this whole look. im totally going to try to hunt down a large deep sea foam green silk scarf. i also am digging the givenchy bag. ive had my eye on it for about a year now but theres a few other bags that i find slightly more desirable.

i love megan fox's dress. love the the color (i usually hate red but i think its perfect on this dress) front cross detail, the flower, and shoulder pads along with the beautiful neckline.

however on a sidenote foxy looks like she has gotten some work done on her face, which was totally uneccessary. ive been considering getting my lips done. she seems to have gotten her lips, cheeks, and even her forhead done. what a shame she was more beautiful before the work. however her nose job which she got done before she made it big with transformers, was done really well and was necessary but she didnt need anything else.

i hate camping, but i wouldnt mind lodging in a cabin with some friends or a significant other and snuggling up on the porch.

i love this picture because it reminds me of my friends and my birthday celebrations. we always threw each other big bashes. but now ive been in korea for over 2 years now and we've all sort of grown apart. it makes me a little sad actually.

i wish i could wear shorts and sneakers and still look cool but im just too short to pull it off.

i love the alexander mcqueen advertisements for their sunnies. i recently went into a mcqueen boutique and while i was browsing i teared up. i cant believe such a wonderful talent is gone.

i love this assymetrical embroidered heart neck top

i want a skirt just like that in that color and style with the perfect side slit

digging the fringe top and bobby socks with open toe platforms

one of the best denim on denim looks i've seen by far. i love her necklace and her low scoop neck navy tank. oh and her loose casual hair style tops off the look perfectly. the fact that she rides a motorcycle/scooter makes her that much cooler.

these are from the bottega venneta men's collection from the milan runway.

i absolutely love this look! i wish they made those shorts in my size!

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