Tuesday, 22 June 2010

First Outfit/Accessories Post

korea is going gonzo over the world cup. i could care less about soccer. i tripped over a soccer ball in the fifth grade and still have a scar from the concrete induced wound. since then ive hated the sport.

this is my personal blog but also is a fashion blog so ive decided to post my outfits, accessories, beauty tips, etc. all the outfit posts are taken with a self timer on my samsung NV24HD VLUU at my studio with my wall paper and riff raff as my back drop. i apologize ahead for the lack of photographic tactfulness.

the fiance and i at a water park (hence the lack of makeup and chloe sunglasses)

vintage stone and husk bracelet & cholo sterling silver bracelet

chain link, skull rhinestone, skull and spread eagle rings

side shot of today's outfit (american apparel white shirt worn as a dress)

the temporary glitter tattoo that i got on my decolletage to match my gold bikini for the water park (isnt it pretty?)

my old trusty lamb skin prada purse

this is what my house looks like. i have racks and racks and piles and piles of clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, toiletries. i could run a miniature bergdorf's *sigh if only i had saved my money i could run a freakin hedge fund. but what can i say? fashion is my first love.

my one month anniversary gift from the fiance

i love miu miu and prada shoulder straps, they're thin and ergonomic

changed into my $16 psychedelic leggings

like my messy studio? wine bottles, mattress and flat screen tv on the floor bahahaha thats just me! =)

headshot w/ my bitch face going on (chanel sunnies, vintage scarf)

a blurry close up of my old aldo shoes that i wore to death

hand cuff bracelet, red leather bracelet w/ some french phrase written on the silver plate that i can't seem to decipher and it has a tiny eiffel tower attached to it, vintage african motif wooden bracelet

special edition korean designer coffee bean ring (on ring finger), owl rhinestone ring, wing ring

jeez i really need a nail make over. but at least this is a great shot of my silk based wall paper. its a snake skin motif, very realistic no? i custom ordered it and it took me hours to find it!

back shot (my tattoo is in greek, it means "give me a place to stand and i will move the earth" by archimedes)

i know my toes look disgusting because theyre peeling from all the stilletos and boots i wear but this was by far the most beautiful and expensive pedicure i have ever gotten. the flowers that are glued to my toe nails are ceramic and imported from japan. seriously with the swarvoski crystals off setting the flowers this looks so much prettier in person.

i went into a cartier boutique in seoul and tried on their draped trinity necklace and fell in love. i wish i had $9,000 to just spare = ( although i didnt make a purchase the staff was very gracious when i purchase this necklace (which i will one day soon) i will go back there


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I like your bags!


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