Friday, 30 April 2010

i want to get my hands on a pair of stillettos just like these.

i want this dress or something like it.

i love kate's leather pants. those extra zippers make them killer.

today was spent jogging for two hours. i havent exercised that much in years. im definitely committed to losing weight. ive gained so much that most of my clothes dont fit and its truly frustrating. at first i was just going to throw in the towel and just accept it but i have never been chubby in my life and i dont want to start now. i set my alarm extra early tomorrow so i can go again for long run in the morning. im gonna try to do a run in the morning and evening so i can double up on calorie burning. im definitely not going to starve myself because thats just not the way to go. but what i am going to try to do is cut back on smoking or truly attempt to quit. it was so tough on my lungs running i was wheezing by the time i got home and drank like a liter of water.

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