Wednesday, 21 April 2010

well i found an apartment! its much smaller than my current one but the good news is i get to completely renovate it. im redoing the walls and refinishing the floors. so everything will be brand new. i dont think it'll be too bad living in the new apartment it'll be cozy. my current apartment is always pretty cold.

so i want the wallpaper to be somewhat like this except less fussy and intricate. a more simple and solid chandelier.

i think this shot of gemma ward is gorgeous. its that perfect sunkissed look

i love sienna miller. despite her scandalous affairs. this is one of my favorite dresses on her. i love green. its my favorite color.

this is a good example of what i wear on a typical day. a simple black coat, jeans, and uggs. yes i am a slob.

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