Friday, 23 April 2010

i finally found the cable that connects my camera to my laptop. ugh it was in the last place i would have ever looked! it was under my freakin bed! i have no idea how it got there. anyway heres a recent picture of me with my fugly hair cut. i cant wait to grow it out and dye it blonde. but for now im giving my hair a much needed rest and just letting it stay natural for a bit.

not much has been going on except my dad got incredibly angry with me for not paying my utility bills for a few months. they were going to shut my electricity off if i didnt pay it but i had no idea that the bills had mounted up that much. korean mail is really different from american mail. plus i cant read it that well so i usually just toss it aside. i know its irresponsible. but thats what ive been doing for the past couple months.

i wish i didnt have to worry about bills. if i had a job than i wouldnt have to ask my dad for every nickle and dime. its getting to be tedious. and god knows how long its been since ive been able to spend money in a leisurely fashion. so all i do all day is im stuck at home, confined since i cant really afford to do anything. just a few days ago i went jogging and found a dance studio that i was thinking about checking out but then i thought whats the point? i have no money to join anyway. it was depressing. the only thing i dont scrimp on is food since thats really an essential. but really other than that i dont spend my money on anything else, nor do i have a choice. well food and cigarettes. wow this is turning out to be a really whiny entry. so i'll stop now.

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glitteryeyesxx said...

Agggh, you may not have money right now. But you're lookin' good! (Ok, ok. That was a lame attempt of me to make you feel better).

Girl, I KNOW exactly what you're sayin'. I have to depend on my folks for some things here and there. And the thing is---it never comes WITHOUT conditions. They fork over the $$$, but it's always at the cost of them nagging you. Sometimes, I wonder if it's even worth bringing them into the situation for help, lol.

When are you moving back to the U.S.? I think what you need right now is just a change in scenery. I totally feel you on this issue, too. I feel so stuck where I am. That's why I'm taking a trip to NY next week. Even if it's something as simple as going to the next town, I think you should make it worth your while to explore all the in's-n'out's of Korea. Lord know, I would loooooove to go there soon. Cherish while you still can! :)