Friday, 16 April 2010

2 day hangover

so inviting friends over, turned into going clubbing and drinking copious amounts of johnny walker blue. scotch is not my favorite drink of choice but they dont carry patron silver or grey goose which is actually much cheaper but easier for me to drink. of course no veuve cliquot either and definitely not laurent perrier brut rose (which is my new favorite, it goes great with spicy foods) anyway enough liquor talk. im still hung over, scotch is to be enjoyed and sipped not get drunk on. im an idiot.

im so mad at my family right now. i have to move and i just got back from the realtor's office. we looked at several apartments and they are half the size of my current place. now i know one of the rooms i have in my apartment right now goes completely unused. but why do i have to downgrade? its like driving aston martin and then leasing a mustang. im just so bummed i have to move. i wish i could live in a penthouse like big and carrie's in the sex and the city movie. that closet was *magical* its ok to have a small apartment in your 20's i guess. ive been spoiled and havent paid rent for 2 years so i shouldnt complain.

i woke up rather early and after nibbling on some brunch i decided to go window shopping. i of course cant actually shop since im currently jobless and cant even afford to get my nails done. first up gucci. i tried on some crazy sexy 6 inch stilletto strappy sandals that zipped up the front. they made my pale pathetic legs look so much longer. then i was off to prada i chatted awhile with the manager and she showed me some stuff that was in the back that was not on display yet. i drooled over a feather light hooded black leather jumper that hits just at the waist, i mean just the right spot like it was custom made for me. it was painful, dreadfully so. but it didnt stop there. i am a masochist, i went to the holy grail. HERMES. it was there the sales girl showed me an enormous birkin that was obviously meant for traveling. but that was a bit cartoonish almost like a novelty item. but it was the constance bag that tugged at my heart. i have two american platinum credit cards that i never carry around for this reason. impulse buys. but this bag was calling my name and looked so timeless and dainty on my shoulder i was about to hail a cab and grab my plastic from home. but in the end i decided no. i will not put myself in debt over a bag. i just wont do it. i have impeccable credit and always pay my bill in full every month.

*sigh...there must be something in the air at hermes boutiques, there is always something that i want every time i go in there. whether it be a saddle (and i dont even ride horses) or a silk handkerchief.

the constance
as modeled by mary kate in green croc

i lost the damn cable that connects my camera to the computer so i cant upload any recent photos. the thing just grew legs and disappeared. i looked everywhere!

so instead of current photos of me ill leave with some fresh springy looks from isabel marant, one of my favorite designers.

im partially opposed to fur...damn those peta videos on perezhilton haunt me...but isabel marant does some sumptuous furs that if honestly i could afford them i would snatch them wear the hell out of them.

RIP daul kim (decked out in leopard isabel marant)

i want to go platinum blonde like her but i need to find a job first and if im a stylist and its deemed appropriate for my job title then i would definitely go for it.

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