Saturday, 10 April 2010


i cant sleep! i need my rest before my grandfather's big birthday bash in the afternoon. its the boredom that goes along with insomnia that really bites. what is with me these days? i am always hungry, i mean constantly! its ridiculous. its carbs that i crave too french fries, croissants, potato chips, bagels, etc. yuck what's wrong with me? i guess its just a funky food phase.

job prospects are coming either as an executive assistant or as a wardrobe coordinator for TV and/or movies. the latter is the one im hoping for because obviously i have a passion and interest in fashion and it would be a great experience.

romantically im doing poorly. i dont even go out that much anymore. the monotony of just going on dates with people that i didnt have true feelings for just wasn't cutting it. i'd rather be alone than bored wondering. i did go on one date recently with my ex kevin but it was rather lackluster. i realized that my feelings for him had completely dissolved. an emotionally unavailable selfish 28-year-old baby just isnt appealing to me any longer.

its so hard to find balance in my life. work, love, friendships, self-growth. but im working on it every day.

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glitteryeyesxx said...

How much longer are you staying in Korea? I miss your postings! Aww, don't worry about your carb cravings. You're probably just going through that phase, like you said. Lol, before you know it---you'll be back on a sweets craving binge. It always alternates between that and the carbs. :p

I really hope you get the Wardrobe Coordinator position! It sounds so exciting to work on a T.V. or movie set!