Monday, 12 April 2010

anja rubik in an effortless isabel marant ideal spring/summer outfit

my new must have...this smells heavenly

jane aldridge of "" i love this picture of her, her mom is such a talented photographer.

one of my favorite fashion bloggers: rumi neely of ""

these fashion bloggers make me so envious. rumi has her professional photographer boyfriend and jane has her mom. i dont have anyone. plus i dont really live in a place that has a great back drop but then again maybe they dont either they just search really hard.

if i had never cut my hair it would be this length...but me and my dumb impulses, grrr. dasha zhukova is lovely. i wish i had a healthy baby boy with the love of my life (although i would never date anyone quite that old)

ok i desperately need a job or need to get the hell out of korea and to cali. i have too much time on my times. i just color coded my closet, vacuumed, went jogging, did laundry, and im just twiddling my fingers wondering what to do next. i would go get my nails done but im on a budget so ive resorted to doing them on my own although im terrible at it.

i think tonight im going to have some friends over for some drinks and good conversation. i havent done that in forever. but that means i have to wait for everyone to get off of work while im still bored. ugh.

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