Friday, 1 January 2010

these are my girls! in order from youngest to oldest...

soo been, 8

ye hyang, 9

na yun, 10

min jee, 10

da young, 10

jung hee, 10

hyun meen, 11

mee lae, 11

bo min, 11

these little girls bicker and fight like no other! i try my best not to interfere and let them figure it out for themselves. despite the little fights they still have a good sense of team work and the older girls take care of the younger ones. they're a good little unit.

i didnt do anything for NYE this year. clubbing and being inebriated isn't appealing to me. i went to bed extra early because i was going to my grandparent's house by 7 am to help out with cooking the food which is korean tradition. i got there before most of my aunts and all of my cousins. my grandma was like, wow you're all grown up and ready to get married. haha.

ill post pics of my family on my next post.

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