Sunday, 10 January 2010

my volunteer work is going well but im running low on money already so its one of my main concerns. i knew what i was getting myself into but i didnt realize how fast i actually spend my money until now. i think i might have to ask my grandfather for assistance. i think he'll understand, he knows the work that im doing and not that i feel any sort of entitlement but my family is wealthy so i dont feel like its such a huge burden for them to help me.

yesterday i went to my first jiu jitsu class. it was some cool shit! cant wait to see the results of the work outs. last night i went out to a club to blow off some steam and ended up having one too many shots. i ended up making out with this guy, but in my drunken state i guess i didnt realize he was sucking on my neck and my cousin told me i had a hickey when i got home. i am so fucking pissed. seriously hickeys are so fucking middle school. my god. now im going have to go through the trouble of covering it up everyday with concealer. im so embarrassed. but i guess thats what happens when you drink too much. cant believe i didnt realize he was sucking so hard. ugh.

with the volunteer work my days are pretty busy so times going by quickly the way i like it. the progress im making with the girls is great. we're getting closer and im slowly but surely gaining their trust. i just need to forge ahead with the work im doing and everything will fall into place.

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