Tuesday, 29 December 2009

In Love

today was the most fulfilling day of my life. i had so much fun!

it was my first official day at the orphanage. the children are assigned in groups of around 9 per room. my room is a group of girls ranging from age 8 to 11. its quite difficult for me to memorize korean names so i dont know every single one of their names but their care giver is going to make them name tags so that'll be a big help.

i brought a book that comes with a read-a-long cd that also has a chant song. so we did some reading and singing which they really enjoyed. but for the most part we just hung out. i taught them how to do cartwheels and they tried to stuff me with candy but i had to refuse because i would have gotten a stomach ache if i ate all of it!

im scheduled to stay from 2-7 pm, but they didnt want me to leave so i gave in and stayed an extra hour. and once it was 8 pm they were like stay just for 30 more minutes please? it was so adorable. i really didnt mind staying the extra hour. i didnt want to leave. it is the most amazing feeling to have a group of children feel that way about me. i feel like im the lucky one.

im taking my camera with me on thursday so i'll take lots of pictures and post them.

i feel so blessed right now im on cloud 9.

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