Saturday, 16 January 2010


here's one reason why i only have three close girlfriends. their names are terry, jackie, and carrol. those only girls i trust. im not saying that every other girl on this planet would be jealous of me because i havent met every girl in this world. i know this for a fact because ill start a friendship with one and ill introduce her to my friends, who are all pretty much guys. if theres a spark im very supportive and happy. i even introduce girlfriends to guys that im dating because i have no problem with it. i mean why wouldnt i? i dont have anything to be afraid of. im not threatened by other girls. if by some chance i get a boyfriend stolen by some bitch then that guy that left me was never meant to be with me right?

recently i have been hanging out with this girl, taking her out introducing her to different groups of my friends taking her out to all the hot clubs. and never once has she invited me to go out with a group of her guy friends. at first i just thought it wasnt a big deal and maybe she just really wasnt thoughtful enough to invite me. but then there were obvious instances where i was bored at home doing nothing and she knew this and still didnt even bother to invite me. once she blatantly told me she was going out with a group of guys and wanted to be the only girl there. aka didnt want competition. and i thought she was a friend. boy was i wrong. if it was the other way around i would have totally invited her. i would have a better time if a girl went with me to an all guys party. but i guess thats just her preference but it pissed me off. after all that i did for her.

my old roomate (good riddance to her) was the same way. these are all reminders to me that most girls are insecure and jealous. its so sad cuz girls should stick together but instead theyre always working against each other. sad sad sad. but its a lesson i had to learn for the millionth time. and hopefully i wont make the same mistake again.

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