Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Jil Sander's +J for Uniqlo

Jourdan Dunn

Gisele's little bump

so today was very productive. i went to one prospective agency to find out how i could volunteer so they told me to come in and discuss it with one of the directors. my appointment was in the afternoon and i realized that with this particular agency, Holt, i would be doing a lot of administrative work for example translating letters from prospective parents, editing the newsletter, etc. and thats not really what i was looking for. i want to be more hands on with the children. spend quality time with them and let them know that theres someone here to help them learn english, only if they want to, or just hang out and vent. god knows what goes on in the minds of these children. its not anybody's fault but im sure the majority of older orphans are neglected and dont really get an adults attention. at least not the amount of attention they deserve and need. im no mother theresa or the most patient person but i love kids and if i can help one kid from losing hope than that would be my mission accomplished.

so i digress. anyway the director at Holt let me know that they mainly work with infants and place them in foster care. so i asked her if she knew of any orphanages in seoul near my house where they cared for older children. she then went and got the information for me for an orphanage 15 minutes away from my house on the subway. i thanked her for helping me out and after i left the Holt offices called the orphanage right away. however there wasnt anyone that i could meet with today so im waiting for them to call me back tomorrow. if i dont get a call back by tomorrow morning then im going to be super proactive if not obnoxious about this and call them back. when i have my mind set on something i never let anything get in my way. the woman i spoke to on the phone sounded skeptical and almost annoyed. i guess there have been flakey or unreliable volunteers in the past? or maybe shes just super busy and just doesnt want to deal with anything. whatever. but im not going to let this one person's piss poor attitude deter me.

in other news i didnt know brittany murphy had died until today. so sad. she was too young. she was really talented too, she had that tiny little frame and that kooky big laugh. theyre speculating that anorexia or drugs may have played a part in her death. i hope thats not the case and that she kept her weight low by unhealthy means.

in other lighter news gisele bundchen, jourdan dunn, and dasha zhukova all had baby boys. i didnt even know that these three were pregnant. i knew there was speculation over gisele's pregnancy but i didnt know that it was confirmed. this is how out of the loop i am. now jourdan and dasha are a little more under the radar because they're mostly only known in the fashion industry. ahhh i feel baby fever! i wish i had a life partner a la angelina and brad, and my own big family i want 4!! NOT TODAY or tomorrow but one day it'll happen, and i want it sooner than later. i am 24 after all and thats still young but definitely old enough to know what i want and when i want it. first i have to meet mr. right ;) and that is definitely not anyone ive met yet.

i am so excited about jil sander's +J for uniqlo collection which debuted today. the collection's palette focuses on white, ivory, pastels, and "chalked out acids" in a range of fabrics — waterproof ultrafine cottons, high-tech satins and “sumptuous wools” are included. i am so stoked. eeek im going to the uniqlo store thats five minutes away from my house tomorrow. if i have any readers from the US and uniqlo is not available to them i know they are green with envy and rightfully so. jil sander at bargain prices!! prices range from US $10.50-$149.50. but i need to be extra frugal since i have no income as of now so theres no guarantee that ill even buy anything. wish i had a shopping buddy to go with. boo. i might take my camera with me and take pics in the dressing room. if i do ill definitely upload them. the last thing i bought at uniqlo is my alexander wang dress which i still treasure. and is my only wang piece to date. one day ill buy something his line, most likely a sweater and a bag, maybe an accessory since i hear he's getting into that.

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