Saturday, 26 December 2009

As Time Lurches On

not having to work is quite nice, i have time to roam the city and shop, catch up with friends that ive neglected...however all this leisure time is making me completely restless! desite the copious consumption of cocktails and long phone conversations i find myself with spare time. i mean theres only so much gossip site trolling i can do. i even finally got around to finishing up two books, john brockman's what is your dangerous idea? and malcolm gladwell's outliers. both excellent by the way.

i was always catching up on sleep before and had to put errands on the back burner. now all my laundry's done and all the little nomad piles of clothes on the floor have been transferred to their designated armoirs. but the days are passing so slowly. i had constantly been on the go for the last six months its odd that everthing has slowed down. i know i should totally be relishing this but i dont. i like being a workaholic, its just who i am.

its been only a few days and im feeling like this, this is how impatient i can be at times. "chill" is the last word i would use to describe myself. dynamic is more me, but when i have my mind set on something i wont budge an inch not even a millimeter.

thank goodness i have my meeting with the director of the orphanage on monday and i really want to get this ball rolling. i have a year's worth of experience privately tutoring english and teaching at an academy but what if its not enough? i know its volunteer work but what if my qualifications just arent sufficient. im not nervous or weary, just hopeful.

im thinking of enrolling in a dance studio for fun. i can shake what my momma gave me with the best of them, but ive never done any kind of choreography. i want to learn some crazy maddonna-esque moves. i also always wanted to learn that thing that strippers do, how they climb the pole and slide down it upside down. fun!

so i hit up uniqlo and the jil sander +J line definitely did not disappoint. i bought a voluminous dress with a keyhole collar accompanied with an obi belt, a pair of yoga pants, and a well cut blazer. all in black of course. the blazer is awesome because it can be worn alone without a shirt. heres a pic

im obsessed with these YSL cage boots
im looking for specs just like these, im getting sick of wearing my contacts all the time and the current pair of glasses i have are sort of boring. i only wear them around the house. geek chic is definitely the way to go.

i would rotate this headband and....

this prada turban (in black of course) everyday if i had them in my clutches
i fell in love with the turban ever since i first watched breakfast at tiffany's as a little girl. 2E getting out of that cab looking glorious with her flaming red lips and sultry purr. i have yet to find a good going to try look for one tomorrow

i love this belt and mk's dress on the right

im not digging this guy's dandy look. i believe men should dress in a more masculine manner. but i would totally rock that chanel briefcase, the 2.55 is so overexposed it's lost its timelessness


sue said...

i totally agree with you with how chanel 2.55 is overexposed. mine is just collecting dust for the next 10years!

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