Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hair Crisis/Halloween & Birthday Pics

so i just had THE greatest day. kevin took me shopping for my birthday. it was sweet he acted like he didnt care but in actuality the day of my birthday he was really busy so he decided to play it cool and make me mad. then he took the day off today (which he NEVER does) and spent the day with me. first we went for lunch and afterwards hit up a department store that has all my favorites chanel, prada, etc. kevin told me to get anything and everthing i want and need. my mind veered towards a pair of prada pumps and a new bag but i didnt want to take advantage. he makes good money (around six figures) but hes not wealthy by any means.

so i strolled over to the sunglass counter since they are reasonably priced. i picked out a perfectly chic and simple pair of tortoise chanel sunnies. then kevin said he want to buy me some kind of jewelry and i was sort of shocked. i didnt want him to make such a big purchase so i suggested swarovski. we went there and i picked out a butterfly ring and floating star pendant. i love both and i know ill wear them all the time. i was really already very thankful and ready to go but kevin insisted that i now buy little necessities so i picked out a new fragrance, incanto bliss by ferragamo (kevin picked it out), and i went to mac and bought a few makeup brushes, gloss, and eyeliner. these were actual things i was running out of/didnt have at home.

by the time we were done we were both tired so we went back to my place for a rest and a snack. i made a few gin and tonics and we watched the recent pedro almodovar movie broken embrace which was excellent. mr. almodovar and penelope cruz along with the rest of the cast of all his movies never disappoint. what we did afterwards ill just keep to myself ;)


getting ready for work

custom made suede and swarovski stilletos...but its too cold to wear em now! gotta wait till spring. its freezing in korea!

my halloween costume...i was a korean geisha called an oh-oooh-dong. supposedly back in the olden days of korea these women were intellectuals and talented in many ways;)

the cake...for some reason the flash wouldnt work when we were taking the pic

grubbing on birthday cake at work...yummm korean cakes are the best!

I was going for a honey blonde and this is what they gave me. Needless to say I got it fixed. Now my hair's dark mink brown.

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