Monday, 23 November 2009

Chanel Lover

thats the shade of lipstick im wearing. it was a birthday gift from one of my co-workers. im really digging dark red lipstick this winter. it bodes well with my newly darkened locks and pale pale skin.

work is boring as usual. my dating pool is getting wider and wider. kevin's my #1 but he's not really my official boyfriend according to him and me as well so theres an understanding that we're free to date other people.

im not gay, and ive never "experimented" sexually with a girl before but i met someone recently. shes a photographer. shes intelligent, funny, easy going, and just fun to be around not to mention very beautiful. we went on what i guess you could call a date, and then she invited me to one of her best friends birthday parties. shes told me shes only dated men just like i have but she said that she found me attractive and interesting. ditto for me. lets see where this goes. i doubt it will develop into a full-on relationship but only time can tell.

then theres two guys that i met at work. i know i shouldnt go out on dates with customers. but im really picky about who i choose and so far they havent turned out to be total weirdos. in fact theyre both really nice. but theyre both vanilla and im more of a rocky road type of girl.

my ghetto fab silver gradiation zebra stripe nails

i need some sort of adventure a little *ooomph in my life. its too mundane at the moment. i mean i am pretty busy work wise but it'd be nice to have something to really look forward to on my days off besides just a spoiled brat. i need to get a hobby. or a maybe a pet. you know what? i think i might just do that im going to go out and buy myself a pet today. ill post what kind as soon as i get one.

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