Monday, 2 November 2009

this was the worst halloween ever. it started out swell enough. i ended work and hit up spy bar with my co-workers. we got in for free and got VIP service but i went and got drunk. and i mean waaaay too drunk. the drinks were flowing and i was in such a good mood i really dont know what the fuck happened. all i know is my brand new balenciaga wallet got stolen (thank god i only had about $70 in cash) my samsung vluu NV24HD camera is fucked up and wont turn on (hopefully i can get it repaired)

i have a scratch on my face like i fell and hit the sidewalk and a huge bruise all down the backside of my right upper arm. i guess i was walking and ate shit. my favorite white patent peep toe 6 inch heels are ruined. all in all i estimate the damage to be well over $1500. what a fucking mess. this is why i miss my homegirls from back home they never would have let this happened to me. one of my co-workers just stuck me in a cab right outside the club and sent me home. im so fucking pissed im even thinking about quitting. plus i got another job offer yesterday and was considering the move anyway. im not putting all the blame on her though. it was 80% my fault to drink that much to begin with but to put me in a cab alone like that is just straight out wrong especially when it was so obvious i was so gone.

i had so many fun pictures from the 2 halloween parties we threw but since my camera has gone dead i guess it'll just be picture free posts for a few days.

i dont care about the cash the shoes the bruises. i care about the scratch on my face (which im going to the dermatologist for tomorrow) and my balenciaga wallet. whatever bitch or guy has it better enjoy it and not take it for granted. it was so beautiful. im 80% sure the camera can get fixed but if not im never investing in an expensive camera ever again.

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