Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday Night...Totally Unexpected

i had a one night stand. or was supposed to be one at least but the dude is still sleeping in my bed and half of me is pretty glad he's still here, but the other half is like ummmm "why the hell did you call in sick to work?"

he wants to to spend the day together. but i have a pretty busy day today. i have to go to school at 1 p.m. and its its already 10 a.m. i have errands to run: get my shoes fixed, put my deposit down for brand spanking new hot sexy shoes that im having special ordered. plus i gotta get gussied up before i go to the orientation. which will take another hour and a half.

what the hell am i doing bloggin? well pretty much because my sister is thousands of miles away and plus she wouldnt be too happy about the one night stand thing. well techinically he's not a one night stand, he's my friends co-worker.

to be specific joon's co-worker. i knew cue kanye wests' song "heartless" but hey i told joon i needed joon i needed to get laid and its been 3 months and thats just too fucking long for me and so HE's the one who offered to hook me up with his co-worker. so thats his bad not mine. but fucking someone has dwindled my feelings for joon.

if joon was a real man he never would have introduced us. and i want a real man not a pussy.

so as much as a liked joon before i beginning to think it just wasn't meant to be.

fuck i dont even remember this kid's name (who i had a one stand with) how fucking terrible am i?

but i really dont reel like a slut at all. i wanted something i got it. and let me tell you the sex was off the charts he twisted my legs in ways i didnt think was possible. it was great to say the least. the only thing was when we first started out he was too aggressive so i taught him to slow down. like kiss softly, just graze each others lips. and breathe in and out together and brings a natural sexual chemisty. anybody can fuck.

monkeys and donkey's fuck for fuck's sake, we are human beings. you dont have to be in love to make good love but being patient, taking your time being gentle and occassional gentle biting goes a looooong way. =) there are times for rough aggressive sex but it definitely should not always be like. thats how disposable groupies get fucked by rock stars. i sorta feel sorry for girls like that they'll never have the capacity to know how to really have mutual respect and love with a man

hahha here i am talking about mutual respect and love after a one night stand. but they the guy is still here and i think he might like me. no joke. i wont go into details but when we were getting intimate he told me he's never been with anyone like me. and he told me he's been with over 40 girls. and i was like "you were like WHAM BAM with all these chicks?" and he was like "yeah, they like it." i was like its gonna take a LOT more than that shit to satisfy me.

alright ill end this post here i gotta get go spiffy.

i think im addicted to this god forsaken blog. i guess its because i can literally vent anything and everything and even if someone i know personally finds out about this blog and secrety reads it i guess i would initially care. but i mean im pretty much an open book. and thats pretty stalkerish to keep tabs on someone's life especially if you know them personally.

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