Monday, 30 March 2009


i went clubbing yesterday with my friend and i realize im not going to meet the nicest people there but literally there were fucking guys pawing me and literally begging me not to leave them. i was like, "man, have some dignity." "there are a million other girls at the club i am NOT the only one." and then i was like "peace out"

if you go to korean clubs girls basically get in for free and they go "booking" where waiters will grab you by the hand and take you to a room full of guys and introduce you to them. and sometimes the guy will like you and offer you a drink of act like a dick and not even introduce themselves.

well my friend terri and i had a couple problems. there was one room where one of the guys blocked the door and wouldnt let us leave and i was like "oh heeeeeeeeeeeellll no" im not ghetto but i feel my safety is compromised i will throw blows for sure. but thankfully it didnt come to that we go outta there and my friend terri and i complained to the other waiters and apologized profusely. so we were like "alright lets not let it ruin our night." so danced to lady gaga and got over it. haha

honestly this club is about 10 times nicer than any korean club in LA and the crowd is much classier. i would definitely go back. and the music was pretty good too considering it was korea.
i wish i had taken pictures but i was too fucked up. i had about 8 shots last night.

i got this really cute guys number. im not gonna like go on a date with him or anything but we're gonna be like dong seng, oppa friends. plus his house is right next to my university yonsei. so it'll be really convenient for me to meet up with him for dinner and lunch. his english was really good cuz i think he said he studied in new york or chicago so its easy communicating with him.

ok well i gotta run bajillion errands but that was my monday night. pretty hectic and crazy but it was so much fun. i love meeting new people. its like my favorite thing to do. i am so out of my anti-social phase now, im so much happier this way branching out. =)

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mbitious said...

not all guys are assholes. but good blog. very entertaining. :-)