Wednesday, 25 March 2009

31 Flavors

and now theres a 3rd. im gonna call him "J" for anonymous purposes. ive known him for quite sometime but never romantically. but last night met up for drinks and got a little flirty. it was nice to be in the arms of a different guy than jonathan as wrong as it was.

none of my friends really know i have a boyfriend because im afraid to introduce jonathan to them because i know he will behave like a dick and berate them because thats just how he is. i know him too fucking well. i know you ask why the hell im with him, but you cant help you like. you just do.

so i think sparks are flying between me and "J" cuz my friend that i was with could even sense it. im meeting "J" on saturday night at a club called eden at the ritz carlton in seoul where supposedly the hottest guys are there so im going to try to make him insanely jealous and at the end of the night let him know that the only one i really want is him. im a walking mind fuck.=)

and as for luke we are meeting next friday for dinner. he set up the whole thing and im really excited because i know we'll have amazing conversation and just vibe amazingly. but he's just so damn squeaky clean. i bet he doesn't even curse. i wonder if he knew how much of a potty mouth and evil master mind i was if he would even look twice at me? but then again opposites do attract right? who knows. *sigh i guess time will tell

went out to boon dang for some cocktails with some friends and had a blast. on another note: does anyone else like gin and tonics or is just me? am i like an old white lady? because none of my friends seem to like it except for me? thats my drink! its not too sweet and i love the buzz i get off of gin and the taste of it with the tonic, but only if its top shelf particularly tanqueray.

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terri and i

the boys: joon and sean

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