Sunday, 29 March 2009

i had a gin and tonic fueled photo session with my dong sengs...
good times. except im the only one who likes gin. everyone else drank wine. haha. i love letting loose at home no weirdo guys to bother us...

i kinda hinted to joon that i wanted him to join us. but he said he was too tired. needless to say i was disappointed. god, cant he take a hint? i swear guys are so dense. or maybe he just thinks im ugly. well i know that for a fact isnt true. because he told me i have the most big beautiful eyes that could seduce any man.

my heart melted when he said that. even better he said he loves my laugh which is an extremely loud honking chipmunk cackle. when i complained that my laugh wasnt sexy like angeinla jolie's beautiful sensual laugh, he said angelina would probaby want my laugh if she met me. (what a total liar but it was sweet nonetheless)

i mean really these kind of compliments dont come from a "friend" do they?

and theyre not just cheesy lines it seems genuine. or am i just a fucking sucker?

gosh i hate boys. i just wish things were a little more black and white.

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