Monday, 5 October 2009

yesterday i got a rhinoplasty procedure aka nose job. i didnt hate my nose before but i was unsatisfied with it so i got the tip refined and the bridge of my nose raised. i can already sort of see the results and i am so excited. when i woke up from the operating table i was in pretty bad pain. i asked immediately for some pain killers but they said they had already given me some and i just needed to wait for it to kick in. they were right because about 10 minutes later i felt fine. i seriously didnt think it would be this easy and painless. had i known i would have done it years ago. it was however a little expensive, i went to one of the top surgeons in an expensive area. i wanted to ensure i got the best results and care. its my nose and its going to be on my face so of course right?

so i get home after getting my prescirptions (yay pain killers) and my roommate takes one look at me and is in shock. she told me i looked like lord voltimore from harry potter. i laughed and she laughed. it just sucks that i cant go out and drink for a week actually i think i have to refrain from drinking for two weeks but my bandages come off in a week and thats when i really get to see the results. my nose will still be swollen but alread even after one day i can see the refined tip. im not supposed to smoke but i have been thats one thing i just cant give up and ive heard from other patients that its ok to smoke post-op. i even smoked pre-op although i wasnt supposed to. oh well what the doctors dont know wont kills them. i dont think its a big deal just a mild precaution.

so ill give one of the main shallow reasons why i got this nose job. i hate the way i look in pictures. my nose looks bulbous round and flat. so after this thing heals ill most definitely post more pictures. especially close ups of my face. i really love my eyes and lips but ive always hated my nose and thought it ruined a lot of the pictures i took. especially in an industry where im going to constantly be under scrutiny i had to have it done. when i get back to LA i want to get into acting and i think this procedure just made my face that much more attractive. sure some people say imperfect faces have more character but im not one of those people. im not a dustin hoffman or meryl streep. im more of a halle berry and angelina jolie who by the way both got nose jobs.

anyway im just so excited about everything and i cant wait to see what my nose looks like under all these bandages. my man situation right now is good. the brit is out of my life. he was too austere and cold. plus he's so busy going on business trips to dubai. luke (the doctor is back in my life) and i have resparked our friendship. if thats what you can call it. its more like a courtship because he doesnt really date someone unless he thinks he is going to marry him. he's that religious. i dont know if i can be with someone thats so religious but i know i want to be with him so if i need to make sacrifices then so be it.

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