Sunday, 11 October 2009

Shopping Shopping Shopping

this is a personal blog but its also supposed to be a fashion blog as well so im finally posting some pics of my latest purchases. posting the clothes is a little more difficult because i dont have a photographer like many other fashion bloggers but ill get to it one day.

handmade italian ankle boots...its the studs that got me

these have a gold reptile textured killer heel

the gold heel and the the sexy cutout detail is what got me hooked on these

knock-off YSL t-strap tribute comfy

my new "edward scissor hands" ankle boots

pink balenciaga wallet...replaced my super old vernis vuitton

and i saved the best for last its my new baby!
new balenciaga bag...its replaced my much loved nappa pada

my new flatmate

inspired by a picture in a japanese nail magazine...i love them!!

ive been considering using red lipstick occassionally

pre rhinoplasty

at work grooving to the music and being silly

so lately ive been shopping a wee bit too much. actually way too much. plus everything costs much more in korea. for example a chanel lipstick is $40 here. im pretty much broke. all i have cash is for cokes and cigarettes which i is what my diet mainly consists of at the moment. im on these prescription diet pills that kill my appetite and one pill that literally melts fat from my body (gotta love korean doctors) im hoping that by halloween ill be able to fit into a playboy bunny costume without looking obese.

i feel as if i come off as really superficial on my blog and i guess in a lot of ways i can be. i want more spirituality in my life and thats why i wanted luke to become a more integral part of it but we already decided that we are going to be just friends and nothing more because i just cant handle the pressure of such a deep commitment. i guess i have issues with being stuck with one person and fidelity. theres just so many fish in the sea why do i have to settle for one? but i suppose once a good one comes along all the others will just pale in comparison.

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