Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Rocky Waters

so kevin the toxic guy wants to get back together again. but things get so tumultuous with us. he and i are both self centered and we dont give into each others needs. i wonder if he just doesnt really care or pretends not to because he's insecure.

anyway hes in busan, a 2 1/2 hour train ride from seoul and wanted me to come see him because he misses me. i told him i'd think about it. we have this unshakeable bond and make each other laugh like hell. but our relationship is mostly based on sex. albeit amazing sex, but i know hes bad for me so im going to rebuttle his offer. i just need to get this guy outta my life for good.

but hes one of those "good on paper" guys: great job, young, ambitious, and has endless amounts of potential. and i really like that. ugh i need to make up my mind.

plus i met a cutie two days ago at work and we've texting back and forth hes so my type and i think he has interest in me too. so far so good. he seems a lot nicer than kevin

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