Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Day 2


heres a close up my nose still looks a little bulbous due to the swelling

the swelling has gone down so much! i seriously cant wait to see what it will look like in a week then a month when its fully healed. of course a little bit of makeup goes a long way to help cover up the bruises.


Anonymous said...

are you FULL korean?

Altruistic Fashion said...

hi anonymous, i consider myself full korean but im actually 1/8 russian on my mothers side. hence the super pale skin.

Anonymous said...

Why you talking shit about Violet?
You dont even know her like that, you big face bitch!

I guess your a member of bitter ben's fan club lmao

Christina said...

oops meant to leave my name which is Christina.

P.S. you talk about violet being fake and a train wreck bitch you look like you got ran over by a train.

Altruistic Fashion said...

christina, no i dont know violet nor do i care to get to know her. and no im not a ben baller "fan" he seems like a cool person whos honest and upfront.

i know im far from looking like a train ran over me thank you very much. i just had rhinoplasty 9 days ago and very swollen and i know i still look damn good. i'd love to see what you actually look like. you call me a hater yet youre doing the exact same thing you fucking hypocrite.

Narcissistic Radar said...

Honestly girl, you're pretty ugly. Even without the rhinoplasty play-doh look you have right now post-op.