Thursday, 7 May 2009

Red Lip Stick Gold Disco Nails

ok the red lips im trying out. very sexy. i have done a bare nude or slightly pinkish nude lip for ages. im just not a red girl. but today i strolled into a department store and gave it a shot. and i kind of cant get it out of my mind.

my nail color reminds me of studio 54. i have it on my toes as well i can stop wiggling them.

oh and i think im dating someone sort of. im incredibly attracted to him but will keep things completely platonic for at least a month or else it will all go to shit just like everything else. thank god i flushed all the other losers/pyschos/stalkers out of my life. except one. he's actually become a good friend.

1 comment:

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

The red lipstick looks HAWT! I hope things continue to go well with the new fella ;)