Sunday, 26 April 2009

a mixture of my street fashion and <3's photography

these were taken by <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

possibly my favorite portraits ever taken...and these were on a 3 mega pixel cameraphone!

im not bitter. actually i take that back. i am.
why is it that i have never EVER had one single relationship that consisted of mutual respect and love? i admit i made mistakes but so did he. i told "K" i stopped seeing everyone else and that he was the only one i had allowed in my bed. in fact i hadnt been with anyone for about 5 months before him. which was "E" the super insecure point guard (i have black listed pro-athletes for life). i have know idea how many women he was with, and frankly i dont care. i was willing to work things out.

ok fine. its mostly my fault. basically the deal breaker was...i told him, "do you know how lucky you are to be with me? how many people would love to be you?"

i dont know what drove me to say something so dispicable. but i meant a little bit of it. but i also want to add that i feel that i would be lucky if he gave me another chance. but we havent spoken for almost a week now. i guess we'll have to see.

ho hum. i kind of wander from being a little sad to just feeling blah about it. nothing a valium cant cure.

my campus is ancient and gorgeous


rackkandruin said...

love the studded sandals!! i need to get my hands on a good pair of sandals before summer!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. You look like you have down-syndrome. Sorry. Close this blog down.

Altruistic Fashion said...

hey anonymous! no im not going to close this blog down because of hilarious like yours.

Anonymous said...

You don't even speak english. You spelled altruistic wrong. Idiot.

Close this blog down.