Thursday, 29 July 2010

My First Foray into the Creme de la Mer brand

I ran out of the origins eye cream that i've been using and i actually was sort of dissatisfied with it. it seems lacking in getting rid of my dark circles (not that theyre that bad) and i dont have wrinkles yet but im terrified of getting them so i decided to the creme de la creme (no pun intended) of eye creams La Mer. it cost a pretty penny $220. thats about a $60 mark up if i had bought it in the US but hey a girls gotta get the best of the best. i estimate i'll finish using it by the time i go to california in september and if i like it im going to buy 2 jars. i love the metal tip applicator that way none of it gets absorbed into my fingers like other creams that you have to apply with your fingers. the next beauty purchase is going to be the creme de la mer it self, tonic, but i dont think its necessary to buy La Mer cleanser. i use shu uemura cleansing oil which takes off all my make up including 15 layers of mascara lol. i also want to buy armani foundation which i tried on at the department store and it has wonderful application and ive heard rave reviews about it. next cle de peau mascara or guerlain. i use guerlain powder foundation with their brush which i love. it gives you that i have no make up on flawless look. i heard guerlain mascara is great too. but the cle de peau girl at the counter had nicely curled lashes. or should i stick to the staple diorific mascara that everyone stands by. or theyres always lancome. ho hum so many choices. then again good ol' maybelline volumizing mascara has never failed me.


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