Monday, 19 July 2010

Margiela = Bliss, Korean Weather = Misery

my new margiela boots, shipped all the way from Brown's in London have finally arrived! they didn't have my size (36) in korea

these babies made my chanel wallet many ounces lighter (i dont have a credit card in korea so i pay in cash) but will be totally worth it because i am going to wear the hell out of them

crappy close up picture of me in fluroscent lighting

im so exhausted these days. its the weather, my dad's failing health (he has stage 4 colon cancer thats spread to his lungs, liver, stomach, etc.), my relationship with my fiance is becoming strained because of our conflicting schedules. we both have a lot on our minds.

im trying to decide whether i might move to paris next year to study at esmod or london at central st. martins. but that would mean we would be apart for years. and i dont think i could sustain a long distance relationship. theres an esmod branch in korea but i'd rather study in paris which is the main campus or go to london.

my passion is to become a stylist for runway shows, celebrities, or also for general people who need help establishing a signature wardrobe. i would love to do that collaborate and work with other creative people, i know i would feel like im in my element.

i dont know if getting married and raising children is what im cut out for. i dont believe i could give a child everything he/she needs to be the best person they can become. i dont want to be one of those people that has kids to fit the profile of what society tells you what normal is.

he needs to concentrate on his career as a stock broker. he's just begun his career not too long ago. we're both young. yet not so young that we wouldn't be able to start a family within a year or two. which we've both considered.

i cant have children for health reasons which i refuse to disclose on a public blog. i can only have children through a surrogate or adoption. i think maybe in my 40's or late 30's i'll be ready but for now i am far from it.

these days all i do is shop, eat lunch by myself at my favorite hole in the wall bistro, and roam around. i stopped going to the dermatologist to get facials, massages, and stopped getting my nails done because i need to cut down a little bit on my spending. and that saves about $1500 a month.

i still dont scrimp on necessities. i always eat well and healthfully and shop in moderation ;)


Effi said...

those shoes are lovely!
please follow me and I'll follow you:

Runway Rundown said...

Love those! Please promise you won't let the rainy weather ruin them, it would be such a shame!

Terry said...

Omg I thought the black closed toe ones were to DIE FOR but yours are totally bitchin!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss youuuu

Milda said...

lovely shoes
& i understand it takes a long time to decide whether you want a family & children, i guess you're ike me cause i know some women know from when they're young!