Monday, 24 August 2009

ok so i didnt go full on blonde because my stylist refused to fry my hair that much. she said that we'll put in some blonde highlights and if i want after a few weeks we can lighten it more. so for now its more of an auburn with flecks of blonde.

i havent had the time to take any pictures but hopefully i will soon. so i finally got a gym membership and i worked out for the first time in years today. it felt really good. i jogged about 2 miles and did 100 crunches on an exercise ball and did some light weight lifting for my arms. my goal is to get bikini ready for next summer. and its sad but i dont fit into most of my old clothes because ive gained so much weight so i really want to go back to my old size but with muscle tone. i want to be able to sprint a mile without breaking a sweat. thats how in shape i want to be. its not so much about the number on the scale.

works going good so far. i had an interview at a museum last week so im waiting to see if i got the job. hopefully i did because working at night is exhausting. however if i didnt get it its not a big deal. i guess it just wasnt meant to be. ive been cutting down on drinking which i think should help a lot in cutting calories and keeping in shape. but ive been smoking like a chimney lately which i know is disgusting but i cant help it. ugh. i have to quit eventually but for now im just going to try to cut back.

dating wise theres this guy kevin, who im always on and off with. but i finally needed to just cut him out for good because he's so inconsistent and its not like im crazy about him either. he was just there and convenient so we'd hang out once in a while but i dont want anything casual, i want an actual real relationship with someone who takes things seriously. im not looking to get married tomorrow but i think its time for me to have one serious relationship. the fact that im turning 24 in november and i havent had one REAL boyfriend is seemingly pathetic. now im beginning to think its not just the guys i meet, it must be me.

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