Thursday, 11 June 2009

it starts with one and they just come running

what is with men? i have a major drought for like a month and then all of a sudden its like one sniffs one coming near me and they all come hunting after me. what is up with that? im always lonely or juggling like 3 guys at once. and really this time its not by choice. im not inviting drama into my life. so all the same guys are back. kevin, pharmeceutical junior executive, who i thought i would never hear from again wants to "catch up." luke, the sacharrine sweet doctor, who i thought was just too straight laced for my wild ways, wants to hang out. maybe he's willing to dip a toe into the dark side. haha but i dont think/want to sway him in the wrong way. david the entrepreneur who is investing in wholesale retail in thailand. and then there's "W" the newbie an invesment banker at meryll lynch. and these are all very elligible nice bachelors. so i should and am a little enticed but why is it always like this for me? DRAMA, smooth sailing is a term that will never pertain to my life. ill just make the best of this situation and take everything in stride one day at a time. i guess this is better than being bored. i SUPPOSE. i guess we'll just have to wait and find out. cant wait to move this saturday. =)

on a separate topic i am so far from bikini ready its ridiculous. my diet starts tomorrow. i.e. cigarettes and one meal. i know im terrible but i fucking hate exercising and im just too lazy. i dont have a ton of weight to lose just like 10 lbs. i already lost about 5 over the past month. ugh maybe ill just skip the water parks. those places are invested with contaminated water anyway.

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