Monday, 13 April 2009

Wicked Craziness

ive decided on my next tattoo. "god forgive me" in latin and "mi vida loca" which is "my crazy life in spanish" there was a movie by the same name in the 90's it was about latino gangs and although i have fortunately never experienced that section of LA my roots are in LA and that phrase definitely pertains to my life. ive also wanted "virtue" in latin on my lower torso for awhile and also a panther below the greek phrase that i have that starts at the nape of my neck and goes down to the middle of my back. it says "give me a place to stand and i will move the earth" its a quote by a greek mathematician/philosopher. it sort of took my breath away when i read the quote so i immediately tattooed it onto myself. all my tattoos so far, are very small. the panther will be perpendicular and about a foot long. i cant wait.

i need to post my street fashion pics. and i need to find a photographer to photograph me as well. i dont think it'll be too difficult to find one on campus but i want someone really good and that i can vibe with.

im juggling three guys right now. actually four. luke (sweet virginal doctor/future opthamologist), jonathan (psycho and is a little too generous; he bought me a $3000 prada purse just because; works in finance), kevin (goofy but suspicious sales executive for pfizer), and finally david (bangkok import/export, father is a plastic surgeon pioneer in korea). its fun but exhausting. im sleeping with one of them. not telling who...and lets just say its amazing...AMAZING. never have i ever been with anyone so attentive, confident, and *ahem well-endowed. perfect combination. he's away on a business trip and i am literally dying, aching to be with him. but i suppose distance and time makes the heart or rather loins (in my case) fonder. i cant wait to get my hands on him saturday.

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