Thursday, 12 March 2009

going shopping tomorrow since my schedule is wide open wheeeee!

some inspiration for tomorrow's excursion:

a woman outside the hermes show in paris

fashion editor dasha zhukova

ive been working, shopping, reading, watching movies, getting massages and trying to soothe myself from the fact that i am not in paris for fashion week.

shopping wise i fared well this week. i scored a super sexy black trench coat with origami-like pockets that give it this great structure. it has a thin lining so its perfect for spring/fall. also custom-made grey open toe, cut-out stilletos with a gold disco-ball material heel. the body of the shoe wraps around the foot and zips in the back. again unbelievably sexy. i should post pics. truly amazing finds. why am i not a freelance stylist/personal shopper?? rachel zoe is so 2005 *yawn. fashion is going in a different direction clean lines, stringent savile row level tailoring for women. i love looking at men's magazines for inspiration, particularly japanese ones. simplicity and individualism. 90's helmut lang and jil sander.

currently im reading 3 books: david sedaris' latest "when you are engulfed in flames" malcolm gladwell's "outliers" and "deluxe" by dana thomas. all three are must reads. "deluxe" in particular is a must read for fashion victims who fall prey to conglomerate luxury marketing. its tragic how someone who has a disposable income of only a few thousand dollars every month would purchase outlandish things such as shiny ugly reflective dior sunglasses or a neon flecked vuitton purse. personally i love beautiful things but they are just "things" i invest a substantial set amount every month and i never compromise shopping over investing my money properly. it is something my mother instilled in me at a very young age.

movie reviews: "eastern promises" with naomi watts and viggo mortenssen was pretty good a 7. it had potential but the ending was stupid. the russian bath house fight was pretty shocking to say the least. full frontal male nudity is a rarity in hollywood. props to viggo. "seven pounds" with will smith and rosario dawson was excellent. will smith does melancholy well. not a rosario fan but she was good in this movie. the movie is frustratingly confusing for the most part but it all ties together at the end. "battle in seattle" with a big cast, including michelle rodriguez who i do not like she over-broods and is a terrible actress. and whats up with charlize theron? she has aged a decade over night! not much to say about the movie but i did learn more about the WTO which i am ashamed to admit i didnt know much about till this movie.

i dont have any desire to really socialize at the moment. its strange how ive gotten more shy with age. or perhaps i just dont really feel the need to make new friends. i really love my tiny close knit circle. plus it doesnt really help that i dont drink any more. not even a glass of champagne or wine with dinner. having a few cocktails with people is so much breezier than dinner which is much more intimate.

strangely, the casual friends i have made in korea seem to consider me a close friend. two girls that i have gotten to know over a period of about 8 months confided extremely private things to me. it doesnt make me uncomfortable but i just find it odd that they can so easily disclose things. not that im a shady person. i am very discreet and i think i give insightful feedback and advice. i guess its a little shocking to me, because i personally would never share such private things. maybe its just the way i was brought up. topics such as family, medical issues, and money are things i rarely discuss.

yesterday my grandfather who financially helps me here and there demanded that i show him a record of my expenditures i.e. what the hell i was spending all my money on. i think that i spend moderately, albeit far from modest but i dont live a lavish lifestyle. its not like i have a black amex. i work and my family is able to help out and so they do. so why do i have to account for every nickel and dime i spend?

i swear my grandpa is like a frugal korean warren buffet! i had to plaster on a smile and be agreeable with my grandfather. then i asked my dad what the hell this was all about. my dad said this was how my grandfather has always been. all my uncles are always asking for substantial handouts and as the years have gone by my grandfather has become mistrustful. my dad said i needed to get over myself and that frankly he didnt trust me very much himself because im like a bohemian and too unpredictable. im enrolled in a University and will start class soon but my goal really isnt to get my degree and my dad is aware of this. i dont want to be tied down to an institution for four years! good dad being korean and all thinks i should be either: a) in med school b) taking the California Bar Examination c) or working on my MBA. ugh

my dad said to just pony up whatever my grandfather demanded. so i did what any other sensible 23 year old in my situation would do...i threw a tantrum. the WORKS: tears, repeating the same questions, stating how my life is unfair. i promptly stormed out of my grandfather's house where this all went down. i was literally ready to pack my belongings and book a flight to the maldives or anywhere i could forget about my situation.

but today i woke up and realized how unsensible i was being. i can be such a hothead sometimes. at least this incident didnt involve any breaking of furniture or computer moniters. i once flung a three hole puncher across the room that left a hefty dent in the wall. thank god it didnt hit anyone in the head it probaby would have fractured someones skull. but ive managed to curb most of that rage. i need to talk to my dad and tell him i was wrong and that im a functional adult that doesnt normally behave like a petulant toddler. but its so hard to pick up the phone...

dream outfits:

'09 fall Hermes

if i had them in my clutches i would wear the aviation goggles and leather cap EVERYWHERE with everything

JPG is simply brilliant...i would go dancing in this jumpsuit

'09 fall Christian Lacroix...i'd wear this to the ballet

'09 fall Isabel Marant

isabel marant...i love the boots on both looks

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