Saturday, 6 December 2008


so theres no denying it. i am totally juggling guys. when it rains, it pours. why cant men trickle into my life gradually? ugh. theres "L" the doctor, age difference 3 years. cute sweet almost too perfect for me. not an ounce of impish bad boy there. "E", a year younger, pro-basketball player, sweet but way too shy and awkward. its like i have to make all the moves for us to get to know each other better. but i see potential there. and then of course theres "C" whos just fun fun fun, and with an injury this season his partying ways need to be tamed down for atleast 2 months and i'd like to get to know him but we'll see. we both seem to not be able to find a moment alone together where we can just chill and talk. and then theres australian "A" who works at the embassy but is a wee bit on the short side. ill see him tomorrow or rather later today. ugh i need to stop writing on this thing but its my only outlet i have no one to turn to. is it cruel that im leaving ben all behind? all this behind his back? its not like we're married, we're having fun. im happy he's happy and we'll go our separate ways. fuck...karma is going to bite me in the ass HARD.

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